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Marie Moran

Marie Moran

Peamount Healthcare
Time Spent Volunteering: 
10 Years
Type of Cause: 
Medical / Health

Marie has been volunteering with Peamount Healthcare for over 10 years. She helped set up a food appreciation group to support clients who missed the smell of cooking and missed preparing their meals. Marie and the group choose every week what they would like to cook next week, they order or buy the ingredients and then chop and prepare the food while it is all cooking they enjoy a social coffee and talk about their week and then all sit down to their meal.

Marie is a very natural creative person and a very good homemaker. Her skills were shared freely and unconditionally with our clients. Marie helped so many people achieve small goals that meant so much to them. The Food appreciation she set up with my support came about because she thought it so sad that clients missed the smell of cooking, missed helping prepare and then enjoy eating a meal with friends. Marie embraces the world of relaxation with some clients who may be going through a hard time. Marie joined the recreation dept. 10 years ago, had seen an ad and thought it would be good to give something back to her local community. She had great IT skills and had learnt of the recreation day centre in Peamounthealthcare.

Marie also became involved in the Advocacy group and helped support clients fight for their rights but never pushing her views. Marie worked with many FETAC awards programs that the clients were involved with from the local ETB and even invited clients for dinner to her home and spend time with her own family. Marie also did relaxation groups with our clients sharing her holistic talents.

According to Marylee who nominated her “Marie arrived for an interview and a social chat; telling me about herself and sharing her knowledge and skill-set with me. Marie said she would join us once a week on Friday mornings to support people with acquired brain injury to enjoy the recent set-up Internet Cafe in 2006 for 2 hours. Marie was wonderful and worked on a one -one basis and with small groups delivering person-centred computer activities e.g. the Internet, email, short story writing and saving of documents. Sending letters and supporting each individual that she met. Marie was always on time and often baked and shared her life with the clients she supported. Marie soon took on another day Monday mornings for 3 hours and started up the food appreciation group with another volunteer she met on Fridays. Been an excellent cook and baker Marie shared her talents with the clients. At all times I watched how Marie was always professional and never was a very good listener. At major events, summer festivals, Christmas celebrations; Marie always gives 110% spending extra hours preparing, decorating and baking for the clients.”