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Eamonn White

Eamonn White

Swan Family Support
Time Spent Volunteering: 
20 Years
Type of Cause: 
Family Support/Services

Eamonn volunteers with Swan Family Support who provide support to children and family members affected by drug and alcohol misuse. Eamonn introduced holistic treatments to help against cravings which also helps with relaxation and this is the only service in this community to provide these services. Eamonn has worked with both families dealing with another’s addiction and the addict themselves by creating a safe haven for people in the community and having an open door policy where everyone is welcome. He does go beyond helping with addiction issues by helping others with stress, depression and all mental health issues.

According to Natalie who nominated him “Eamonn listens to the community and will take direction from them as to what they need in their community. His passion is clear to see through his 20 years of volunteering in our community working all the hours possible to help others. He is helping our community by educating our children which empowers them to be more aware of addiction in their future.”

“He has involved the community by hiring local people to work alongside him and helping to educate them by sending them on to different courses and training them in many different treatments. Eamonn has changed a lot in our community by not only helping families and addicts but by educating the community about addiction, depression and mental health issues. He has also created jobs and has helped to educate staff in the community to progress in life. He has helped change lives and definitely saved a lot of lives along the way. He has helped to tackle the stigma our community has towards addiction and other mental health issues.”