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Alfie & Marcie Streete

Alfie & Marcie Streete

Alfie & Marcie Streete

Chernobyl Children International
Time Spent Volunteering: 
19 Years
Type of Cause: 
Medical / Health

Alfie and Marcie Streete’s work with Chernobyl Children International (CCI) has shown them to be volunteers of uncommon compassion, kindness and generosity.

Since 1997 Alfie and Marcie have been host families to children from the Chernobyl regions helping to alleviate the suffering of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and young adults languishing in forgotten institutions and mental asylums across Belarus, Ukraine and Western Russia.

Alfie has travelled to the devastated region eighteen times as part of convoys of medical and humanitarian aid from Ireland to Belarus bringing vital lifesaving supplies and medical equipment, including driving an ambulance across Europe to Belarus for a needy hospital to help alleviate the suffering of the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Alfie has also as travelled to Belarus as part of building projects in the region, helping to renovate dilapidated, run down mental asylums in Belarus into child friendly institutions.

According to CCI, “No statistics do justice to the efforts that this husband and wife super team give to CCI every year. They have stood with collection buckets in rain on street corners in the dead of winter, they have given up their Christmas Eves to wrap presents for donations, driven trucks in ice cold treacherous condition across countries, knocked on doors and asked for help not for themselves but for the children of Chernobyl.”

“Alfie and Marcie Streete were among the first families in Ireland to open their doors, hearts and homes to these extraordinary children but they were not the last. Alfie has often been known to say that ‘You can’t change the world but you can help these children’. By the end of their holidays in Ireland they’re like different children we might not have sunshine but we have the heart.”