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About Better Together

Better Together is an annual campaign that aims to build support for community and voluntary organisations, clubs and associations across Ireland by encouraging the public to support good causes and make a difference in their communities.

The 2016 Better Together Campaign includes:

  1. The Better Together Video Story Competition provides a platform for Irish charities, community groups, clubs and associations to showcase their work; demonstrate their commitment to transparency; connect with members of the public; gain new supporters and potentially win some great prizes. The winners of the 2016 Better Together Video Story Competition will be announced at the Better Together Awards on Wednesday 14 December in Dublin. Enter or learn more here
  2. The Community Hero Award (in association with the Volunteer Ireland Awards) is a lifetime achievement award honouring a volunteer who has - over the course of their life - made an extraordinary contribution to a good cause. This Award is a unique collaboration between the Volunteer Ireland Awards and the Better Together Campaign. It aims to shine a light on those remarkable individuals who, year after year, dedicate their time and energy to supporting a community and voluntary organisation, club or association. Learn more here

Campaign History

The first Better Together campaign was launched in 2010 by The Wheel, a support and representative body for the Irish community and voluntary sector. The Wheel created the Better Together campaign in order to help raise public awareness and support for the work being done by thousands of charities, community groups, clubs and associations up and down the country.

The campaign has grown bigger and better each year, with hundreds of thousands of public votes received to date, along with literally millions of pageviews of our website (meaning a whole lot of charity videos have been enjoyed by the Irish public in the intervening years!).

Why Are We Better Together?

It will come as no surprise to say that studies show that societies with high levels of community and voluntary activity experience less crime, less violence and enjoy better mental health. But the Better Together campaign is deeper than that.

It's about connecting with and supporting your local community; it's about recognising and celebrating the heroic efforts being made daily by volunteers and people working to help those most in need; it's about sticking together through the good times and the bad.

It's about demonstrating that we are truly are better together...

(But why stop there? Click here to learn more about how you can get further involved in your local community...)